Our service includes the following

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent therapy helps teens deal with specific emotions. It can also help navigate challenges facing adolescents, manage life stressors, and adjust to major changes. The support of a psychology professional can help teens understand themselves better, express themselves, make better decisions, and live emotionally balanced lives. Adolescence is a crucial time of developmental transition from adulthood. Teen years are characterised by exploration, novelty-seeking, goal setting, risk-taking, social interaction, and the continued development of critical reasoning skills.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy refers to one-on-one mental health treatment that is personalised to suit person’s unique needs. It involves setting therapeutic goals, processes the individual’s past, and learning how to manage and deal with one’s unhealthy patterns and triggers that precipitate certain symptoms in order to live a healthier life. Individual therapy is conducted between the patient and and the psychotherapist in a one-on-one setting, but it can include another person on occasion—only when it is relevant to an individual’s treatment plan and goals. These sessions will happens in the psychiatric hospital with inpatients and also in the practice with outpatients.

Seminars and Workshops

A seminar is a smaller event than a conference, and it is typically focused on a single topic. Seminars typically involve a panel of experts who lead a discussion on the topic, and attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion. A workshop is a hands-on learning experience where attendees learn new skills or techniques. Workshops are typically led by an expert who demonstrates how to do something, and then attendees have the opportunity to practice the new skills or techniques themselves.

Medico Legal assessment for Road accident Fund( RAF)

This is the process where a psychologist conducts series of tests to measure the psychological impact that a traumatic accident has had on an individual. Usually the referral will come from the attorneys or third party . The assessment involves a series of psychological assessment , report writing and feedback. The results will then show the individual’s psychological state and how it affects their daily functioning, working ability and the impact in relationships in all spheres. The report will also contain holistic information of the patient, history , assessments administered , the findings and also recommendations of the patient that was assessed.


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