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FRUN: What is Depression?
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Real Talk S4 EP149 Plastic Surgery
There are so many reasons why people gain weight – #dare2change
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#Self-Love: authenticity and effectiveness of self-love.
Youth & Spirituality
Preparing children for failure
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Being Available For Yourself
The Roundtable Discussion – Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Week
How children communicate stress
Phindile Mshudulu · NPK Clinical Psychologist
Anxiety – How to be in-tune with yourself
Dissecting the Empath – CAPE TALK
Causes Of Depression – SABC NEWS
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Are SA Millennials Embracing Traditional Healing?
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Par­ent­ing – When Your Child Is The Bully
Ad­dress­ing your child’s be­hav­iour is the first step to­wards find­ing a solution to bul­ly­ing Both the bully and bul­lied child need at­ten­tion. With the bul­lied child be­ing two to nine times more likely to con­sider sui­cide, it is im­per­a­tive to of­fer help and sup­port. But... Continue Reading
Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of
YOU have probably gone through an emotional time in your life that has negatively affected you and left you in a state of shambles.  But instead of asking for help to cope better with your situation, you were afraid of seeking help because of what people might think or say. Continue Reading
Are SA millennials embracing traditional healing?
This might just be the decolonisation of health as we know it. Ten years ago, it would've been a rare thing to find a traditional healer on social media. Now there are numerous healers on Twitter, Facebook, and on Youtube with advice and tips on African spirituality and traditional healing. More and more millennials are [...]
TEEN ZONE A low self-es­teem caused by weight prob­lems
SOCIETAL expectations of how you should look are all opinions that don’t mat­ter. What mat­ters is what you think of your­self. You might have been bul­lied for be­ing over­weight, but it shouldn't de­fine you. Clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist Nom­pumelelo Pru­dence Kubeka and life coach Thembi Hama share how you can have a high self-es­teem de­spite be­ing over­weight. [...]